How much does it cost?

All models are priced individually and made specifically to order. Most models range between £130 & £180 depending on fur length, colouring, markings & pose (sitting, lying, play bow or standing). Leaping dog poses (over agility jump, flyball jump or hay bale) start at around £150, with dogs chilled out on a cushion from £130. These prices exclude delivery. Mainland UK post & packaging is £15.
How big are the models?

Regular models in a sitting pose work out between 12-15cm tall. I can create models in proportional size to each other if you would like multiple dogs created.
How long does it take?
Each 15cm caricature may involve 10 to 15 hours preparation & modelling time, plus a minimum of six ‘bakes’. I aim to work within a 4-6 week lead time from receipt of order to delivery, however this does vary throughout the year. I will always try to accommodate a faster deadline for that special occasion, so please ask. As Christmas is my busiest time I recommend ordering by September for a guaranteed festive delivery!

What sort of photos do you need?
The better the quality image the more detail I can work with. Ideal images are higher resolution (>150dpi), taken at dog eye level from all angles around the pooch. I appreciate that sometimes this is not possible, particularly if a pet has passed on. I will endeavour to work with what photos are supplied, please do not be offended if I have to decline the commission if the photos are unsuitable.
PHOTO GUIDE – taken at dog eye level if possible:
• Two or three close-ups of the face, (front & side on)
• Full body side shot, showing length of legs, body & tail (both sides of body)
• Overhead / back shot (to show top of head, neck & any back markings)
• Highlight any other distinctive markings (paws, chest, tail)
• If the dog has a distinctive style of sitting or other pose you would like incorporating try to capture that in a photo
What are my payment options?

I accept payment via CHEQUE or BANK TRANSFER. A 50% deposit is required to secure a booking slot, the final balance is payable when the work is completed prior to dispatch.
If you would prefer to pay in full with CREDIT CARD or PAYPAL please select the appropriate priced listing in my etsy shop
Can I see the model before delivery?
The model is only dispatched when you are happy with it. Prior to the final bake I will email a series of photos of the artwork (from all angles) for your feedback/approval. For complex commissions I will forward update photos earlier in the process for your feedback
How fragile are the models?

Care needs to be taken when handling to avoid snagging any delicate fur detail particularly around the ears or tail. The models are best kept out of direct sunlight & away from areas prone to high temperatures (such as above a radiator or fireplace). The models will not melt but fine fur detail may ‘warp’ if exposed to high temperatures. Treat as you would a treasured vinyl LP record, it’s a similar type of material!
How do I keep my model clean? & display cases

An occasional light dust, taking care not to snag any delicate fur features, will keep your model happy. However, polymer clay is waterproof & the models can be occasionally rinsed in mild soapy water (leaving to drip dry on kitchen towel as they are hollow!) but AVOID using harsh chemicals, DO NOT use glass or multi-purpose cleaners as it may corrode & DO NOT put in the dishwasher!

If you’re not keen on cleaning, a displaycase will do the job for you! I stock a limited number of kennel shaped acrylic display cases, (sample images can be viewed on the portfolio page) priced from £50 +delivery, please ask for details

Do you ship worldwide?

I am based in the UK. If you are enquiring from outside of the UK I am happy to quote for the overseas shipping fee. However please remember you may also be liable for import duty or local taxes that are beyond my control or liability.
Are the models suitable for children?
Foscott’s Friends models are fragile & NOT suitable as toys.
How are they packaged
The models are supplied very carefully wrapped in a smart gift box, this box is then bubble wrapped & securely packed within a larger cardboard box.
Do you do other animals?
I can create cats in a standard sitting pose, but not other animals.