Foscott’s Friends bespoke sculptures are priced by type of fur, pose & model size. Most range between £250 & £320 (inclusive of delivery). Please see the 2020 PRICE GUIDE for more details. Simply download the ORDER FORM, decide on the sculpture type that is appropriate to your dog, email the form & your photos to me.

In return (usually within 24-48 hours) I will give you an estimated delivery date & arrange to take a deposit.

SCULPTURE TYPE (See order form for size & pose options)
Standard Smooth – Suitable for dogs that have smooth short fur (including ears) & solid, patched or spotty colouring.
Standard Textured – Suitable for dogs with feathered ears or wire, curly, wavy or longer body coat fur & any colouring including brindle, merle or roan
Small Leaping – Any dog leaping over an agility jump, fly ball jump or hay bale
Other poses & sizes by request

  PHOTOGRAPHS are key to the success of a caricature sculpture. Please download the PHOTO GUIDE to see the best type of photos to supply.

I pride myself on offering an individual, customer focused service so please do talk to me about your requirements

  • Order form + photos received
  • Liaison regarding personality, special features or requests etc.
  • Delivery date, booking reference/proforma invoice issued & deposit taken
  • Model preparations begin
  • Prior to the final bake I will send you photos of the model for your feedback. With complex commissions I may also send update photos earlier in the creation for your feedback
  • Any appropriate amendments are made
  • Final ‘bake’ of the model
  • Final model photos are emailed for approval
  • Balancing payment required
  • Model dispatched after payment received