Polymer clay is a synthetic modelling medium available in a range of colours. Before it can be fashioned the blocks need to be thoroughly conditioned by repeatedly compressing & stretching. I use a pasta making machine to help with this! Only when the clay has been sufficiently manipulated can the real creative process can begin!

Foscott’s Friends caricature models begin as a simple wire frame, layers of polymer clay are then applied gradually building up the form & features. Each layer is cured by gently baking in an oven at a low temperature before the next layer of detail is added.

I blend different coloured clays to recreate the subtle colours & unique markings that make your pet that special individual. These pooches are not painted!

Each 15cm caricature may involve over 15 hours preparation & modelling time, plus a minimum of six ‘bakes’. To see this process in action, check out my 4 minute video .